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Roshan Suhail is the founder and Lead Trainer at SpeakIndia (

As an inspiring keynote speaker, Roshan is invited by organizations to conduct power talks and motivational programs. His heart-before-head approach thoroughly engages the audience and produces instant breakthroughs. His talks are not just plain rhetoric but an immersing emotional experience that involves powerful activities and life-changing exercises. His audience varies from college students to school teachers and from blue-collar workers to senior business leaders. His programs are designed around his core philosophy E3: Energize, Educate and Entertain. Roshan puts in massive efforts in designing each of his programs that leaves his audience supercharged, ready to act and...........wanting to be more and do more!!!


"What you achieve doesn't change who you are. This is especially important to remember when you fail to achieve." 


T E S T I M O N I A L S 

Our operations team was thrilled after your program. I could feel the commitment level going up. 

- Adarsh Agarwal, CEO, iEnergizer

I didn't plan to sit throughout your program but I found myself glued. The stories you used had a huge impact on our staff.

Keichi Okumura,                          - MD, NGK Spark Plugs

Your motivational program GARV was a refreshing change. Your entertaining approach to topics like organizational values made such a serious topic very interesting.

- Alok Misra, Chief RTI, ONGC                                                         

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